Thursday, October 2, 2008

Love the Sweet Candy Corn

I can't help myself, but I love the sweet candy corn. I love it when the fall months come around and the candy corn hits the shelves in plenty!

If I were president, the Presidential candy would be candy corn. No doubt.

But not just any candy corn, Farley's Candy Corn is without a doubt the best of all the brands.

What do you think? Do you have a favorite brand?

Photo source from Crutch2001


Kristy said...

but the question is - where do you find farley's? It is far and away my favorite.

BUT - I do not know where you live, my parents live in SC, and the Publix brand tastes just like Farleys.

orangejack said...

@kristy - I haven't found Farley's yet either. Just eating Brach's cause it's all I can find.

I actually used to live in SC. Now in Florida. Need to check Publix.