Saturday, October 4, 2008

Flickr Candy Corn Contest

Did you know you can do more with candy corn than just eat it? You can create candy corned themed crafts and such. And if you're into that, you've gotta check out the Flickr Candy Corn Contest:
This contest, hosted by Lera and AmandaJean, is a place to share your candy corn related projects or photographs. Any medium is accepted. By placing your photos in this pool, you will be entering in the contest, simple as that. You may enter as many projects/photos as you like.

The contest will run from Oct. 1-Oct. 30, 2008. Winners will be announced on Oct. 31. The prizes will be candy corn related, of course.
So go check out the projects, come up with your own, and submit them to the Candy Corn Contest!

Thanks to Pink Trees for pointing me to the contest.
Photo source from myzoebug.

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lera said...

Hi! Thanks for posting about our Candy Corn Contest!