Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It's Candy Corn Season!

It happens twice a year -- once in March and once in September -- and each is referred to as an Equinox (from the Latin for 'equal' and 'night' meaning the sun is over the Equator). And today is one of those days.

What does that mean for us? In the Northern Hemisphere it means today is the first day of Autumn or Fall.

And what does Autumn mean for candy corn lovers? It's for sale in abundance!

So eat up before we transition from Candy Corn Season to Left-over Candy Corn Season in December, then to Easter Candy Corn Season in March, then to Candy Corn Pre-Season in June.

The Harvest Is Here!

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Carl Weaver said...

The only bad thing about candy corn pre-season is that we don't get any of it, unlike football pre-season, when you can catch a game. Thank goodness the candy corn has been harvested and shipped all over the country, and not just sitting in reserves, held by federal government like eggnog.