Friday, September 25, 2009

How To Make A Giant Candy Corn

How cool is this?

I mean, every time I see a regular construction cone (especially the ones with the reflector band at the top) I salivate for candy corn. Yet this project is so simple according to Zakka Life. All you need are some cones and acrylic paint.

I think instead of putting fake tombstones in the front yard as Halloween decorations, imagine giant candy corn along the walkway!

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Cassandra Ingrid said...

This is awesome, who would ever think that a candy can be made out of this. Genius idea and thanks for posting this orangejack. Shopping for retro sweets nowadays so different. I guess that's why we all love retro sweets so much, and the memories they bring back tous. As well as the sweets themselves, I think it's having that decision making power as a child that we all miss!